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The best Hulk transformation ever

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Written by Scott

October 16, 2008 at 12:57 pm

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The Incredible Hulk trailer

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Doesn’t look as cool as Iron Man, but I have faith in Ed Norton.

Written by Scott

March 13, 2008 at 8:49 am

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Reasons not to be angry

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Kevin Koster went through all the original Incredible Hulk TV shows and came up with every reason why Banner became the Hulk. The full list is worth checking out, here are my favorites:

  • Dealing with a pesky operator in a phone booth (“I DON’T HAVE TWENTY-FIVE CENTS!!!”)
  • Being tied up and fed soup by an elderly Japanese woman who doesn’t
    understand words like “You’ve GOT to cut me loose!”
  • Getting his jacket caught in the printwheels at the newspaper printing room,
    and then inexplicably sticking his hand into the rollers
  • Somehow locking himself in an old, dark basement, and then nearly
    electrocuting himself (really has to be seen to be believed)
  • Being stuck in a cab in New York rush hour traffic – “You don’t understand, I
    have to be there by 4:00!” – “Hey, mac, it’s rush hour, we ain’t gettin’ there til five,
    so relax.” – “BUT I HAVE TO BE THERE BY FOUR!!!”
  • Being stuck in the police department’s voice mail system when he knows his
    friend is about to be the next lobotomy subject, only to have the police finally
    pick up the phone after he’s turning into the Hulk
  • Wandering into an Army dump to get the deadly canister of army nerve gas
    that has blinded his friend, only to be caught by a mean MP who knocks his gas
    mask off and throws him back down the hill, knocking the canister open so that
    David can frantically try to put his mask back on before looking up to see that the
    MP has somehow brought in a crane and is dumping two tons of garbage on him
    (this is an unusually bizarre situation)
  • Trying to run away from the nasty prison work camp, only to fall through a
    rotted bridge, and then being bitten by a rattlesnake

via Newsarama

Written by Scott

January 29, 2008 at 10:27 am

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