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This blog came about from me noticing that I was sending more and more links out to friends via email.  Concerned that maybe I was bordering on spamming them, I put this together as a central repository for whatever happens to interest me.  This mainly involves the intersection of pop culture with the internet, but the occasional post on science or politics will sneak through.

If you are browsing through old entries, I apologize if some of the YouTube content no longer works.  Large media companies have yet to figure out that making snippets of their content available to millions of people free of charge actually promotes their shows and drives new viewers towards them, so they instead spend their time having it removed from YouTube.  This even happens to commercials and movie trailers, which utterly baffles me.

If you need to reach me, leave a comment on the blog or shoot an email to servo3000 at gmail.


Written by Scott

April 25, 2007 at 9:26 pm

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