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The Obama race speech

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Yet another killer speech by Obama.  The easy thing to do would have been to distance himself as far as possible from Reverend Wright, as candidates frequently do when a supporter makes a crazy remark.  As he says in the speech:

Some will see this as an attempt to justify or excuse comments that are simply inexcusable. I can assure you it is not. I suppose the politically safe thing would be to move on from this episode and just hope that it fades into the woodwork. We can dismiss Reverend Wright as a crank or a demagogue, just as some have dismissed Geraldine Ferraro, in the aftermath of her recent statements, as harboring some deep-seated racial bias.

But race is an issue that I believe this nation cannot afford to ignore right now. We would be making the same mistake that Reverend Wright made in his offending sermons about America – to simplify and stereotype and amplify the negative to the point that it distorts reality.

The thing with Obama is that I almost always get the feeling that he is actually telling the truth, which is spectacularly rare in politics.  Of course, I long ago drank the kool aid, so maybe I have biased view.


Written by Scott

March 18, 2008 at 10:55 pm

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