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The Cadillac Trail

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Tallahassee, especially for its small size, has a very impressive system of trails and parks. Leaving from my front door, I am able to run on trails for over two hours and only spend ten minutes on actual roads. For the most part, the trail looks about like what you would expect.


But then things start to get mysterious. The city has done a good job preserving the trails in spite on road expansions and new subdivisions being dropped in, and this preservation carries with it some artifacts of what came before. These artifacts include the trails namesake, several rusted and decaying Cadillacs in the middle of the woods.

Why are they here? Who left them? I’m sure the answer is easily researched, but I truthfully never want to know the answer. I think that my enjoyment the mystery of the Cadillacs far outweighs any satisfaction that I would get from learning the real story. My latest theory is that they were used as part of some bizarre Wicker Man style sacrifice.


Theorizing about the Cadillacs never gets old to me, and I have to have something to do to keep myself entertained on long runs. You know, besides avoiding the alligators.



Written by Scott

February 29, 2008 at 3:09 pm

Posted in Running

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