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What is wrong with Parade magazine?

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While visiting relatives over the weekend, I had the chance to browse a Sunday edition of a local paper for the first time in years.  As I was wondering how long journalism can exist in this form, I ran across Parade magazine boasting of an interview with Benazir Bhutto.  Nowhere in the article did it mention that she had been assassinated nearly 10 days prior on December 27.  Not even an editor’s note.  Their website adds a disclaimer that the January 6 edition had already gone to press before the assassination, effectively admitting that any news you read in Parade will be at least 10 days old.  Also, I wonder what they had done if they were running a cover story about a U.S. politician who got assassinated before they went to press.  Would they still leave the article out there and pretend everything is fine?

Despite all that, I have to think the most baffling thing in Parade is a feature called Personality Parade that they run on the very first page.  People send in questions about celebrities that are so inane that I seriously have to wonder if these questions are real or if Parade’s editors just make them up to flesh out the page.  Here’s a selection from this week’s issue:

Q Rock singer John Mayer was hot and heavy with Jessica Simpson for a long time. What do you think of his current squeeze, Friday Night Lights’ perky cheerleader Minka Kelly?
J.A., Montgomery Village, Md.

Q Why do celebrities like the Olsen twins go around with long, stringy hair? Don’t they care what they look like?
Katherine Brown, Oceanside, Calif. 

Q How does country star Trace Adkins rate his experience as a contestant on Donald Trump’s NBC show Celebrity Apprentice?
S.C., Honolulu, Hawaii


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January 7, 2008 at 9:23 am

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