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How Guitar Hero Saved Guitar Music

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Salon has an article detailing how Guitar Hero is steering kids to learn to actually play the guitar and how it is giving them a renewed interest in guitar-driven music.  From the article:

Shaffer and others in the music business are dubious of the video game’s effect on young people’s musical abilities. In the past few weeks, though, I’ve interviewed several guitar teachers about the game, and some speak of it as the most revolutionary thing to hit the world of guitar since Jack White learned his first scale. “Guitar Hero” is introducing millions of young people to the possibility of playing the instrument, and it’s also teaching them important skills they’ll need to play. And not only that: “Guitar Hero,” perhaps more than any other piece of modern entertainment, is juicing kids’ interest in guitar-heavy music. What could be better for the guitar, after all, than hordes of young people learning to love “Smoke on the Water”?

Eight year old Ben Eberle is profiled, and his YouTube videos are worth checking out.  Here he is getting 100% on Psychobilly Freakout on expert:


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August 15, 2007 at 6:25 pm

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