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Rampaging Lesbian Gangs

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The Southern Poverty Law Center has a great article on this ridiculous segment from the O’Reilly Factor that focuses on the fictitious danger of lesbian gangs.  The SPLC provides this summary of the show:

Wheeler, a Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Police Department officer-turned-paid Fox News commentator, launched right in: “Well, you know, there is this national underground network, if you will, Bill, of women that’s lesbians and also some men groups that’s actually recruiting kids as young as 10 years old in a lot of the schools in the communities all across the country,” he reported. “And they actually carry a number of weapons. And they commit a number of crimes.”

Wheeler asserted that “we’ve actually counted, just in the Washington D.C. area alone, that’s Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, well over 150 of these crews. … And they — like I said, they recruit these kids to be members of these gangs.”

O’Reilly asked, “Now, when they recruit the kids, are they indoctrinating them into homosexuality?”

“Yes,” Wheeler answered. “As a matter of fact, some of the kids have actually reported that they were forced into, you know, performing sex acts and doing sex acts with some of these people.”

Of course, there is no lesbian gang epidemic.  More from the SPLC:

Sgt. Brett Parson, a member and former commander of the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department’s Gay and Lesbian Liaison Unit, also questioned Wheeler’s numbers. “We have 150 to 175 total gangs in the D.C. area, and out of those only nine where the predominance of members are female,” he said. “You simply can’t make the jump that they are lesbians. I think it is fair to talk about violence and female gangs. But to sensationalize or marginalize a community by making a statement like that seems irresponsible.”

Confronted by the Intelligence Report, Wheeler was unable, in several phone and E-mail exchanges over a two-day period, to specify a single law enforcement agency or officer, police report, media account or any other source he relied upon for his D.C. area lesbian gangs claim. But he insisted that his report was accurate and that any law enforcement officer who disagrees is “out of touch.” “For some reason or other, these organizations don’t lay it on the line because they don’t know what is going on on the streets,” said Wheeler. “This is a serious crisis and the so-called experts are missing it.”

Ultimately, this sort of far fetched story has two specific goals:

  1. It spreads the idea that homosexuals are a dangerous subculture, and that groups of them are not to be trusted.
  2. It also reinforces the claim that human sexuality is a choice, and that homosexual groups will try to recruit children and somehow turn them gay.

It don’t really matter that the story is false.  If enough of an uproar is raised, then maybe Fox will issue a correction to their report.  The facts aren’t the point; the point is just to let this agenda be spread over the airwaves.

The SPLC has a more in-depth analysis, and here’s the video of the O’Reilly segment:


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July 16, 2007 at 9:42 pm

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