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iPhone Activation – A Huge Leap Forward

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CNet has an article about what might be the most overlooked innovation of the iPhone: activating a cell phone online.  Activating phones in the store has to be one of the most frustrating consumer experiences.  From the article:

Here’s the scenario: go online and find the phone you want when your contract is up. Once you pick out your new companion for the next two years, drive over to your carrier’s nearest location and wait for one of the sales representatives to ask you why you’re there in the first place. Once you tell them you want a phone, go look around at all of the cellies they have laying around while they confirm that you are eligible for the low-cost offer.

OK, so now that your sales representative has come back, tell them which phone you want, and begin the agonizing process of switching your number to the phone and signing documents. One hour later, you are finally on your way home with a new cell phone while looking down the barrel at hours more of inputting contacts. Sounds great, huh?

With the release of the iPhone, this process will be entirely averted. Here’s the new scenario: Walk in and tell the sales representative you want an iPhone. He or she hands you the box, and you pay the bill. See ya later! In just a few short minutes, you will have your new phone, and a half hour, at best, is not wasted. Now that is what I call a revolution.


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July 1, 2007 at 9:38 am

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