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Do You Own Your Music?

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My home state of Florida has decided that if you want to sell a used CD then you must hand over your drivers license and be fingerprinted by an officially bonded reseller. That reseller may only give you store credit, not cash, for the CD and must not sell it for 30 days.

The government offers this under the guise of combating the oh-so rampant spree of CD theft. If that were the case, then such laws would apply to a much broader selection of goods than just CDs. No, this is part of the RIAA’s continuing effort to establish the fact that you do not own the music you have purchased. No backing up CDs, no backing up mp3s, no making mix tapes, and now no selling of used CDs. If you lose an album, you have to go back and purchase again at full price. I want to think that it is cliche to think of the RIAA as a faceless greed machine, but what else can you say to something like this?


Written by Scott

May 8, 2007 at 7:56 pm

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